How to Keep the Pre-Ceremony Fun, Even in a Pandemic

That’s right, I used the words “fun” and “pandemic” in the same sentence.

If having small kids has taught me anything it’s how to keep the fun going when the world around us isn’t so fun. Regardless of how they look weddings should be FUN! And HAPPY! And EXCITING! Words we don’t often hear anymore. One of the reasons I love my job is the pre-ceremony fun, and that doesn’t have to stop just because weddings are smaller and bridal parties are limited.


What’s a party without decorations? Buy matching table clothes to cover tables in the room, put out pics of you and your fiancé in cute frames – there are so many cute decorations available on Etsy and Pinterest has a ton of inspo. Light and airy colours look best for photos, but it’s your day – there are no rules anymore. 

Play Music

You know that one song that you just have to belt out singing and dance every time you hear it? That song! Play that song! Play things that get you in a good mood. Gangster rap? Whatever floats your boat, it’s your day. I find upbeat music keeps the momentum going better than slow songs. 


You’ll need fuel to keep you energized throughout the day. Think easy-to-eat foods, things that won’t leave food in your teeth or make a mess on our outfit. Pour yourself a glass of champagne or make a mimosa in a pretty glass. You know you’ll want to take a selfie with it. 

Do a Virtual “Reveal”

Get your girlfriends together together while you get ready for the ceremony – they may want to get dolled up to celebrate virtually anyways. So you still get all the pre-ceremony gossip and laughs. When you’re ready to get in your dress, shut your video off and don’t turn it back on until you’re fully dressed. You’ll still get everyone’s real time reactions without them physically being there.

Wear Your “Bride” Shirt (or Robe)

You’re still a Bride, right? So wear it! The goal is to give yourself the as much of full bridal experience as you can, even in a pandemic. It’ll still be in photos, videos and seen by whoever can be there in the morning (physically or virtually) so it won’t go unnoticed. 

Take Lots of Pictures!

I wish I had more pictures of myself getting ready on my wedding. I think I have three. Not having many people around the morning of the wedding is all the more reason to make sure you document it with photos! Friends and family will likely want to see how the morning went. Take pictures while you’re doing your hair and makeup, take pictures with anyone that’s able to attend (even if it’s just your fiancé) – anything that you may want to look. back on later.

This pandemic is what we make of it – so why not make it the best that we can? Trust me, you deserve it on your wedding day 🙂