Bridal Beauty Timeline


You will be a beautiful bride just as you are! But if you are looking to amp up your beauty routine for your Big Day here is a handy timeline to help you get wedding-day ready.

12 Months + Prior
  • Book your wedding hair and makeup artist! (don’t forget about securing your bridal shower and engagement photo dates)
  • Consider getting your diet in check – drinking lots of water and ensuring you’re getting proper nutrients helps create a natural glow for all your wedding events and improves hair strength, growth and shine
6 Months Prior
  • Perfect your eyebrow shape – now is the time to start growing them out if you want fuller brows
  • Start thinking about your bridal beauty look and collect inspirational photos
  • Practicing good daily skin maintenance: Consider adding a mild exfoliator to your skincare routine. Overtime it will improve skin’s overall appearance and allow makeup to go on smoother. Also, invest in good face and body moisturizers and an eye cream. If you have any skincare concerns consult a licensed dermatologist for advice
  • Start going for regular facials (if your budget allows for it)
3 Months Prior
  • Have your hair and makeup trials (bring those inspo photos you’ve been collecting, photos of your dress and have any hairpieces you plan to use handy)
  • Settle on a hair colour/cut for your wedding day and take the next few months to maintain it
  • Go for a pedicure once a month (or do an at-home one)
2 Months Prior
  • If you plan on getting eyelash extensions (and have never gotten them done before) now would be the time to test them out and make sure there are no aversions. This will give you time to adjust to them and get in 1-2 touchups before your wedding.
  • If you plan to self-tan for your wedding (either at-home or at a salon) start experimenting with different shades to see which one complements you the best
1 Month Prior
  • Go for a facial
  • Add more green veggies to your diet – they add vital minerals and increase oxygen in the skin which will up your bridal glow and reduce puffiness
  • Limit excessive sodium, alcohol and sugar to avoid day-of puffiness (PS. This also helps with managing last-minute stress)
  • Decide on your bridal mani/pedi look – again, inspo photos help with this. Most brides opt for classic, neutral colours to avoid nails standing out too much in photos, unless bright and bold is your go-to look
3 Weeks Prior
  • Go for a teeth whitening session – most places sell touchup kits that you can use up until the wedding
2 Weeks Prior
  • Go for a final trim and colour/highlight touchup – this will give the colour and cut enough time to settle and any excess hair dye to wash out (save any drastic hair changes until after the wedding)
Week of Wedding
  • Get a full night’s sleep every night (as hard as it may be!)
  • Pack your day-of beauty emergency kit
3 Days Prior
  • Do a full-body exfoliation – scrubbing off dead skin in the shower will give an all-over body glow and help with makeup/spray tanning
  • Go for your final spray tan (if you choose to do so)
  • Go for your final eyelash extension touch up (if you choose to do so)
  • Have all waxing appointments completed
2 Days Prior
  • Go for a final manicure/pedicure (avoid soaking your hands/feet if you’ve spray tanned)
Day Before
  • Wash your hair (and avoid styling products)
  • Give your face a good scrub at night and make sure any excess makeup is removed (especially mascara)
  • Go for a massage (you deserve it!)