Choosing the Right Removable Hair Extensions for You

I love removable extensions. Whether you’re looking to add volume, length or colour dimension for your upcoming event, extensions let you change up your look without any damage to your hair and usually without needing to visit the salon. 

There are a few things to consider when picking the right extensions for you. First, we’ll start with the hair itself. Extensions come in two options – human/natural or synthetic hair.

Personally I always recommend human hair – I looks more natural (well duh, because it is natural!) and the benefits far outweighs the costs IMO.

So now we dive into the different types of extensions. One thing I will say is there is no right or wrong decision – everyone will have their own preference for extensions and what will feel most comfortable for them. This chart offers an easy way to compare different options to see which one is best for you.

Where to purchase hair extensions

I know most extensions are sold online but I’m a big fan of seeing them in person and being about to touch them. Sometimes pictures online can be edited so the colour may not be true to what arrives at your door. If you are going to be purchasing online I strongly recommend ordering from a site where they have a customer service team you can speak to for any questions. Also, make sure to read reviews – not ones by influencers or ones on the brand’s websites but 3rd party reviews where the products weren’t gifted to them (very easy to find on Google).

So you’ve purchased your hair extensions – now what?

Take them out of their bag and let them air out a bit – you don’t know how long they’ve been packaged so it’s nice to let hem breathe and get out any smell from the packaging. Once you’ve settled on a hair cut/colour for your wedding or special event I would try the extensions on and see how they look on. A little variation in colour from your own hair won’t be too noticeable and will give your hair more dimension once styled. Also, check the length of the extensions – are they too long? Too blunt in cut? Do they blend well with your own layers? If the colour is “too” off or the cut of them doesn’t blend well with your hair take them Keep in mind this is ONLY if you purchased human hair extensions. If they’re synthetic hair you’re kind of stuck with how they are colour-wise but they can be cut to your preference. 

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy playing around with your new hair accessory 🙂