Choosing Your Bridal Beauty Style


I often get asked this: where do I start? How will I know what looks best on me? Here are some tips to get you started on your search for thee perfect look for your Special Day.

Consider your overall wedding day vision

Was there a particular theme or look you were going for? Taking this into consideration will help  determine what styles to look for. For example, if your vibe is more boho-chic then opt for loose, flowy braided hairstyles over sleek and refined ones.

Be yourself

Regardless of what you choose you will always look gorgeous on your wedding day! While you can opt for a completely new and fun look, my suggestion would be to stay true to who you are play off your everyday style. If you’re not one to wear a lot of makeup everyday I would recommend going with more of a natural makeup look. If you always wear your hair down you may feel uncomfortable with a tightly pinned updo. If you always wear a bright lipstick than you can incorporate it into your beauty look too. Staying true to yourself will also help you to feel confident and comfortable when the attention is all on you.


Sites like Pinterest and Google are great to get inspirational photos. I recommend having two or three looks you like, or aspects that you like, and speak with your artist(s) on how they would look on you. You can also look at pictures of dresses similar to yours and see how professionals have styled hair and makeup on the model.

Look through older photos of yourself when you got your hair and makeup done for events. What did you like? Didn’t like? What felt comfortable wearing all day? Seeing photos of yourself already wearing potential styles may point you in the right direction (or show you what to stay away from).

Stay away from super trendy looks

If you’re unsure of what style to do I recommend sticking to classic and timeless looks. While we love a modern Bride, super trendy styles can date your photos. Ever look at someone’s older wedding pictures and say “your hair was so 80’s?” – the same rule applies. Obviously styles will change through the decades but classic/clean looks tend to stand the test of time.