Why Have a Hair and Makeup Trial?


Remember when you purchased your wedding dress: you probably went to more than one boutique and you almost certainly tried on more than one dress (probably more than dozen dresses!). And you did this to find the perfect dress that suited you and your vision for your wedding. You also probably scheduled multiple fittings to make sure it fit your body properly. Tons of effort goes into perfecting your dress because it will be in every photo of you and something that guests instantly notice. 

Well, consider every time you tried on a dress or went for a fitting like a “trial” for your dress. What a lot of brides forget is that hair and makeup are in just as many photos as the wedding dress – so why not put the same amount of effort into planning your hair and makeup as you do your dress? 

Trials are key to being confident in your bridal beauty style and are essentially another investment into your overall look/vision for yourself for your wedding.

Some benefits of doing a bridal trial are:
  • To alleviate any nerves or concerns you have about your bridal beauty style by getting to try it out beforehand
  • You ensure that the artist(s) you select can actually execute the look you want
  • Saves you time on your wedding day since your look has already been planned in advance (significantly less chance that you’ll make changes to it on the wedding with a trial)
  • You get to know the makeup artist and see if their style suits yours
  • If you are wearing eyelashes for the first time on your wedding you can try them beforehand to see if they will be comfortable (there are different kinds of lashes available)
  • To test the longevity of the hair and makeup (and what makeup products and hair tools work best to ensure your style lasts all night)
  • The artist can make suggestions for hair cut/colour and ways to improve your skincare routine so that your bridal beauty looks its best for the wedding
In order to get the most out of your trial, I suggest to:
  • Bring a friend (or someone who’s opinion you trust) and get a second opinion on the finished look
  • Book the trial on a day where you have an event or a wedding dress fitting – this way you can see the look with more formal attire (it can look different against a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt). Trying it on with your dress will help you to determine if the beauty matches the dress.
  • Come prepared with photos of styles you like – the artist can work with you to combine the styles
  • Also come knowing what you don’t like – it helps the artist know what suggestions to make.

You can click here to schedule your trial with Adriana!